Wiring for a 13 Pin Euro trailer plug.

The 13 Pin Euro trailer plug is used for supplying all trailer or caravan lighting including reverse and gives auxiliary power to other systems such as fridges, internal lights and charging systems.

This replaced N and S type 7 pin sockets used on trailers and caravans in the UK and Europe.

See the table below showing the pin number in the 13 pin plug and the colour wire that should connect to the pin and then states the function.

Pin No.Wire colourTrailer light Function
1.YellowLeft Indicator
2.BlueFog light
4.GreenRight Indicator
5.BrownRight tail / side Light
6.RedBrake / Stop Light
7.BlackLeft tail / side Light
8.PinkReversing Light
9.Orange12v Permanent power for Battery
10.Grey12v Ignition on Battery charging
11.White & BlackEarth for Terminal 10
12.White & BlueSpare
13.White & RedEarth for Terminal 9