Eurostock 336L Tri Axle Livestock Trailer

The new Eurostock 336, has all the features of the 326 but with 3 axles and a maximum gross weight of 3500 kg. The trailer has 3 x 1300 kg axles with 165 x 13 8 ply tyres, with reinforced aluminium tread plate mudguards. Everything is designed to make livestock transport easier and safer with a safe environment for the stock. The roof is full height across the width maximising headroom. The vents are high up on both decks to stop them being blocked by the animals. Handling is safer with the opening doors and the front bulkhead, which also improves ventilation fully across both decks. The stock can be safely driven out without entering the trailer. A interior lamp, sump tank, cattle division gate and fully folding alloy sheep decks with 2 divider gates are all available as options. The trailer fully equipped with folding decks, sump tank and a cattle gate has a load capacity of 2280 kg.

Standard features as follows

# Aero dynamic front.
# Fold down front vent.
# Twin front doors.
# Spare wheel.
# H D ribbed jockey wheel
# Front storage area.
# Bulkhead with double front gates.
# Triple axle with stand on mudguards.
# Load carrying roof with access ladder.
# 2 rows of sliding ventilators.
# One piece alloy floor.
# Alloy ramp side gates.
# Twin fog and reverse lamps.
# Interchangeable number plate holder.
# Lockable coupling.
# Full European type approval with a certificate of conformity.


excluding VAT 

WeightGross: 3500Unladen: 1050Capacity: 2450
Overall DimensionsLength: 5350Width: 2240Height:2450
Internal DimensionsLength 3600Width: 1750Height: 1800
Platform Height: 400
Additional InfoTyre Size: 165 x13Tow Ball Height: 450